Welcome to Bridge to the Future

Building the collective capacity of councils together with residents and government.

Our Starting Point

Our starting point is simple. We believe that a holistic approach is necessary to achieve even relatively small changes in a community. This is because communities are dynamic living organisms and they are resistant to one-dimensional interventions.

We provide analysis, planning and project delivery services to help organizations, and municipalities implement  strategic change. Our services include a range of tools & techniques combining analysis of hard data, mapping of key issues, and decades of experience from on-the-ground project delivery in Israel, the US and the UK.




Eco & Ego Systems


Each community has its own eco-system and an ego-system. They interact with each other, shape what is done, how and with whom. They determine whose voices are heard and whose are not. Understanding a community’s eco and ego systems is a fundamental part of our approach.


All communities, even those that are striving to fight decline, have under-utilized human assets, untapped potential, and pride in their narrative. BTF works to activate these assets, and re-establish an effective 3-way partnerships between residents, the local council and national government.

The BTF Workflow

Community Analysis

BTF builds an in-depth picture of the collective and individual strengths and potential of the project or organization. We use mix of tools and methods such as GEAR and LIFECYCLE to gather data.

Identify Potential

Potential is built-in to every person, team and organization. We meet with stakeholders, talk, listen and create a range of activities to uncover hidden potential. It's there, waiting to be revealed.

Establish Trust

Successful, and most importantly, sustainable changes should address the needs and sensitivities of actors coming from three main arenas; civic, bureaucratic and political.

Facilitate Change

Change facilitation is the ability to nourish change, and relies on a combination of political and community will to accept the impact of change.

Build Capacity

Capacity building is the actualization of ability. The objective is to create sustainable capacity that is based on a mutual vision and shared interest.

Transfer Ownership

Ownership is a sense of consensus on leadership and direction while understanding and perusing the benefit of synergetic action.

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