Demographic growth is vital for the development of peripheral communities. When young families come to live in an area, the education system, community / cultural facilities must meet new challenges, and of course, the economy will expand and make it even more attractive to stay. In the Beit She’an area we are helping the town to double its residents in the next 10 years. The new railway line is a catalyst and lever to attact new people.


BTF examines the area to determine its needs and identifies potential catalysts for economic growth. For example, the establishment of a freight terminal at Beit She’an and the addition of a freight line on the Haifa. The opening of the Beit She’an – Haifa railway will have a significant effect on the area’s economic development.


We identify potential employment opportunities in the area and make them accessible for the residents. BTF makes connections between local community management committees and employers located along the Haifa - Beit She’an railway line. This encourages local residents to commute by rail to Haifa and Yokneam, where currently, employment opportunities are more readily available.


BTF works for long-term, effective cooperation with government ministries and local authorities. Together with national authorities, local authorities, commercial enterprises and local residents, BTF aims to realize the intrinsic potential of each peripheral community where we are active.