Our fieldworkers knock on doors and meet as many residents as possible. We find out their interests and put them in touch with like-minded others. We help them to self-organize and to network with others to achieve their goal. We mentor and continue to help the networks and inter-connections between the networks grow and 'go-viral'. Here are just 4 examples. Contact us if you want to know more.

Local women set up their networks based on shared interests. They coach other wormn and help them set up their own groups. In Beit Shean today there are 4 women's networks, each with their own characteristics and dynamics.


Residents decide on an area they want to see renovated. We help them make the right connections with the local council and other organizations so they get the professional training and backup needed to achieve their goal. Some of the environmental spin-offs are amazing.


People with special needs don't live in a vacuum although it often may feel like that. Through long-term mentoring we help the families connect with others. IIn Beit Shean today special needs families are active in the wider community, contributing to community life. Through joint activities, all participants are empowered and motivated to do even more. Isolation is becoming a thing of the past.


Parents stroll around the city at night connecting with youth informally. We help them get connect with other to grow their network and increase impact. Today the Beit Shean group is active during the day and with young people in many different ways. Spin-offs they never imagined were possible.