Current Team

Dyanne Zamir is BTF's Administrative Director. She has worked in an organizational capacity in various fields and has been involved in extra-curricular activities for young children and in organizing cultural activities for adults.

Erica Dyson is BTF's Strategic Planner. She has directed socio-economic regeneration programs and public/private partnerships for many years. Her areas of expertise are project management, social housing, partnership agreements and city strategic planning. Before making aliya, she was a visiting professor at Salford University Center for the Built Environment, an evaluator of public sector projects for the UK government, a former chair of small theater and board director of two social housing companies.

Ido Shelem is the CEO and Founder of Bridge to the Future. He is lawyer turned community entrepreneur. Ido is a former strategic advisor to government departments, leading businesses and foreign governments. He specializes in developing effective methods for developing strong communities in Israel’s border communities (its periphery).

Meirav Yaniv is in charge of BTF's program to build readiness for the arrival of the railway that will connect the region to Haifa. The program will maximize the benefits of the new infrastructure for regional growth, entrepreneurship, better job prospects, employee retention and increased quality of life. Meirav has a Masters in Social-Industrial psychology and is a specialist in project management, human resources and business development.

Orna Bader leads BTF's neighborhood development in Beit Shean. Her areas of expertise are education, project management, training and coaching in management development. She has recently retired from the Ministry of Education where she held a number of special advisor roles to the Director General in technology, reducing inequalities in the Arab sector. Prior to leading BTF’s neighborhood development work, she managed BTF’s program in Jizr-a-Zarqa.

Tiltan Katzir works on demographic growth as part of BTF's Railway Readiness program. She is responsible for building contact with regional employers and facilitation new comers to the area as part of the regional strategy. Tiltan has a BA in Pyschology and experience of human resources, recruitment and project management.

Yariv Sagi is BTF's COO. He has a background in strategic policy and politics at government, municipal and local community levels. He is an expert in community development, governance, management and public participation. Yariv has a PhD from the Hebrew University. He lectures at Carmel Academic Center for Business Management, and also at the University of Haifa.